October 2020 – Virtual Meeting

Hello all, hope you are keeping well in these strange times. As 2020 continues to be a bit of a “hot mess” our meetings will be staying online for the foreseeable future.

The next Liverpool LUG meeting will be Wednesday October 7th at 19:00 BST (7pm)

We don’t have a talk planned this time but we usually find plenty to chat about. Our very own Matthew Croughan has set up a hosted version of Jitsi for DOES Liverpool and so we’ll be trying that out. Maybe he can also tell us a bit about how he set it up, we’ll see.

So the address you need is – https://jitsi.doesliverpool.com/livlug

If you are using the Jitsi Mobile app you will need to edit your settings and put “https://jitsi.doesliverpool.com” in Server URL for it to work.

Jitsi is free and open source video conferencing software which runs on computers, tablets and phones. It all works inside a web browser. You need a microphone and camera to participate obviously but most mobile devices will already have these anyway.

If you have any questions or queries please email me via – dan@danlynch.org

Hope to see many of you online this Wednesday for a catch up. Best wishes,


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