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Mailing List

Online, we primarily communicate through an email mailing list. If you need help with Linux, this is the place to ask outside of meetings. You can subscribe here:

If you wish to LEAVE THE LIST but don’t know how, here’s a guide –


We have a real-time chat channel, #livlug, on the FreeNode IRC network. If you are new to IRC, you can connect through FreeNode’s web site here:

Social Media

Find us around the web in the following places:

Twitter: @livlug

Facebook: Join Our Page


  1. I have used Linux for a number of years now and am interested in attending your next meeting. Can you send me some definite dates.



    • @Andrew – Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Meetings are always the first Wednesday of the month as it says on the meetings page. So the next one will be April 1st. After that May 6th and so on. The best place to keep up to date is the mailing list really. Do come down and see us, you’d be most welcome. The venue can be a bit hard to find the first time but there’s instructions here –

    • Hi Dan, Sorry have only just seen your reply to my initial enquiry over a month ago! Turned up at your meeting place last night (6/7) but you had all gone to a lecture in hanover St. Sorry I could’nt make it but hope to catch you next time. Meantime I will sign up for your newsletter.



      • @Andy Sorry we missed you! It’s a good idea to join the mailing list as we announce all the meetings on there and we discussed the outing to DoES Liverpool last night beforehand. I should have updated the website, that’s my fault. Sorry that you had a wasted trip, hopefully we’ll see you next time 🙂

  2. Hi, I have tons of old ‘Linux Format’ mags which I’d like to donate to LUG. I haven’t fallen out with Linux but I simply need to de-clutter. Please do let me know if interested.


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