Back in the early days, Linux took effort to use. Getting it to run was not a simple task and Linux User Groups (LUGs) appeared as groups of like-minded people sharing what they had learned and helping each other out.

These days, things are pretty simple. Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and many others, provide Linux-based systems that are easy to install and use. However, problems inevitably still arise at times. LUGs remain as places where experience can be shared and help provided.

LUGs also work to promote GNU+Linux and other free software like LibreOffice and Firefox as well as advocating the principles behind free software and open source software.


A quote from the original LivLUG web page of 2005: “The purpose of the group is to promote the use of GNU/Linux and Free Software, and to bring the users of Liverpool together.”

LivLUG is a LUG comprised of people from Liverpool and the surrounding areas. We organise talks and socialise on a regular basis. We offer support to anyone who needs help using Linux. The group is very informal; there is no formal leadership or group structure, no membership process and no dues are collected. If you want to join us or need help with Linux, just turn up to a meeting or dive in on the mailing list :-)

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  1. Hello, cordial greeting
    My name is Abel Trocha, from Barranquilla Colombia,
    I want to start a LUG in my city and I was wondering if you can help me with some advice to start it, besides keeping it running.
    I found out about your LUG in the Linux Format magazine where they have a section about LUG’S.
    I’m sorry for the informality of the writing, I’m not completely fluent in English yet.

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