About LivLUG

Liverpool Linux User Group was founded back in the early 2000’s by some enthusiastic local supporters of Free and Open Source software. Today the group is still going strong and regularly meeting up. Membership has changed over that time obviously. People come, people go, but the spirit remains the same.

A classic Tux Linux maxcot penguin with a Liver Bird logo on it's chestWe meet once a month, on the first Wednesday, for presentations, discussions, social events and even the occasional bit of hardware hacking or computer support. and we pride ourselves on being open and friendly to all. We’re just as likely to be found talking about the latest film releases, music or anything else as hardcore techy topics. Details of meetings are usually posted here during the preceding week.

Whether you’re a hardened kernel hacker, or you’ve just used Firefox a few times and wonder what Open Source is, it’s all the same to us. Come and get involved!

You can join our mailing list, where meetings are announced and other general LUG conversation takes place.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to an RSS feed from this very website.

Lastly if you prefer a more real-time medium, you can chat to us on IRC. We’re on the Freenode network and the channel name is #livlug. Details are listed on the contact page.