August 2020 – Virtual meeting

The next meeting of Liverpool Linux User Group will be on Wednesday August 5th 2020 and once again it’s going to be online only. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic we’ll be keeping things virtual and safely distanced for the foreseeable future. We do have a talk this month though for the first time in a while.

Our very own Matthew Croughan will be telling us about Docker Compose, how he uses it and more crucially, why it’s so beneficial. So if that sounds like your cup of tea please sign on and join us.

We’ll be using the DoES Liverpool Jitsi channel as we have in previous months. Jitsi is a free and open source tool for online meetings which works on any computer, as well as phones and tablets. There’s no sign up and obviously nothing to pay. Just be sure you have a camera and microphone connected to your computer, mobile devices probably already have them.

Head to and follow the instructions to jump right in.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6TH 2020 – 1900 BST onwards (7pm in old money)

Any questions feel free to ping me an email to dan AT and I’ll do my best to help. Hope to see many of you online then 🙂


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