February 2020 Meeting – Weds 5th @ 7pm

Hello all, hope you’re good. It’s time for another Liverpool LUG meeting this Wednesday at 19:00 (7pm GMT) in our usual home of DOES Liverpool. We had hoped to have a talk about Wireshark and wireless security this month but sadly the speaker pulled out and I’ve had to come up with something at short notice. Hopefully we can get them back in a future month.

I have been using Temporary Containers in Firefox a lot lately and it amazes me how many people don’t know about them. That got me thinking about how much I love this browser in general and with Valentine’s Day coming up I figured I could whip up something with bit of comedy tie in. So allow me to present…

Five Reasons To Love Firefox

Disclaimer: Actual talk may contain more or less than 5 reasons but I liked the title and the alliteration hehe 😀

So if that sounds of interest please come along and join us on Wednesday night. All are welcome and no previous level of technical experience is required or expected. It’s a fun and relaxed group, we like to chew the fat about many things.

Directions to DOES Liverpool can be found on their website. The meeting is FREE (both as in beer and speech) just come along, no booking or anything necessary.

Hope to see many of you there 🙂

Dan Lynch

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