Happy New Year! Jan 2020 Meeting

Hello all, hope you are enjoying a merry Festivus or whatever people call it now. (Festivus is a joke please don’t email about it, I discovered some people are touchy about these things, kthxbai)

The astute amongst you will be aware that the first Wednesday of 2020 is actually New Years Day. So we won’t be holding a LUG meeting then. Instead we will return the following Wednesday January 8th 2020.

Our very own Matthew Croughan will be giving a talk about Balena and creating virtual appliances dynamically. Obviously this will involve some Docker and other things, people seem to like that and we look forward to hearing what Matt has to say.

So it’s 19:00 GMT (7pm) onwards Weds January 8th 2020 at DOES Liverpool on Kempston St in the town centre. For directions and other details please see the DOES website.

As always everyone is welcome and no degree of experience or mad hacker skills is required nor expected. It’s a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Hope to see many of you there,


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