August 2019 Meeting

It’s that time again already. The next meeting of Liverpool Linux User Group will be at DOES Liverpool on Wednesday August 7th 2019. We’ll meet from 19:00 (7pm) onwards but it’s just going to be a relaxed one this month.

DOES Liverpool

Seen as it’s summer holiday time there’s no formal talk organised but I may do a quick follow up to my talk on video streaming on Linux with OBS last month. I have a new piece of Linux video capture hardware I can demo quickly for the group.

If you have anything you’d like to talk about or questions to ask about Linux or Open Source related topics we’re all ears. It’s a friendly and informal group. There’s no required knowledge or previous experience to join. From kernel developers to complete novices everyone is welcome.

VENUE DETAILS: You can find directions to DOES here and many more details on their website.

Hope to see many of you there, feel free to email with any questions. I will get it on my phone šŸ™‚


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