June 2019 LUG Meeting

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Hi everyone, I’m breaking the habit of a lifetime and announcing a meeting more then a week in advance. I should probably be doing this every time but don’t get used to it. The next meeting of Liverpool LUG will be on Wednesday June 5th in our usual home of DOES Liverpool.

This time we’re teaming up with the good folks from the IoT Liverpool group to welcome Carwyn Edwards from North Wales Tech. He’s coming over to tell us about the Year Of IoT Project they’re running out there. Here’s the full description for the man himself:

The back story is a local social enterprise company that runs projects based on EU LEADER funding last year launched a “Digital Playground” on Glynllifon College Farm. For that project they placed a number of sensors around the farm grounds (slurry pit, gates, vaccine fridge, etc.) with a hope of getting the agricultural students interested in AgriTech. It certainly raised awareness but didn’t really click in the way they had hoped.

The Year of IoT is a continuation of this work, but this time engaging the existing 700 member North Wales Tech community as well as individuals and organisations in various industry sectors: agriculture, tourism, social care, local authority and buildings management. The same social enterprise company in partnership with M-SParc, the University’s science park have partnered with North Wales Tech to run a year long series of workshops and open access meetups to further raise awareness and try and get some prototypes out in the field to meet some of the use cases discovered in the various sectors.

In real terms we have a pile of IoT equipment that will be available for use at the workshops throughout the year and we are coordinating bringing in individuals from the various sectors of interest to explain some of the use cases they would like to address, effectively introducing the various communities to each other.

By June we will have had some of the setting the scene workshops and started to flag up some use cases that we can have a look at. Actual devices and solutions will be a bit further down the road though.

What I can talk about in June is the concept, the motivation and where we are so far. I can also comment on some of the equipment we’ve sourced for the workshops and some of the use cases.


VENUE: DOES Liverpool, 68 Kempston Street, Liverpool City Centre.

TIME: Food and meet from 6:30pm, Talk beginning around 7pm

RSVP: Not required by helps plan refreshments – click here

So come along and join us. IoT Liverpool often have free pizza and drinks at their events which is more than I can say for the LUG. So that’s another reason to check it out. Any questions or queries about the meeting feel free to email me via dan@danlynch.org or contact us on the mailing list.

See you there,


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