November 2018 LivLUG Meeting

Greetings one and all, the November 2018 meeting of Liverpool LUG will take place on Wednesday November 7th!

This month LUG stalwart and all around good egg Sebastian Arcus has agreed to tell us a bit about his experiences with cryptesetup and using it to encrypt backup hard drives. He does use Slackware and apologises for the fact it may be a Slackware-centric talk, but we say no apology needed. All distributions are created equal… but some are more equal than others… and SOME even do a big IPO and get swallowed up whole by IBM! (mic drop).

If that sounds good then come down to DOES Liverpool at 19:00 BST (7pm) on Wednesday Nov 7th and join us! Everyone is welcome from beginners to hardened kernel developers.

VENUE DETAILS: You can find directions to DOES here and many more details on their website.

Hope to see many of you there, feel free to email with any questions. I will get it on my phone 🙂


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