October Meeting – Weds October 3rd

Greetings one and all, the October 2018 meeting of Liverpool LUG will take place on Wednesday October 3rd!

This month Alex Lennon, Matthew Croughan and myself (Dan Lynch) will be presenting a fledgling video streaming project we started recently. We have built an Open Source video streaming solution which utilises Raspberry Pi cameras, webcams and other open hardware connected to OBS Studio and a Debian based RTMP server, all forwarded to a variety of social media networks via Restream.io as the end point.

It’s still very early days but our plan is to complete the work and give it all to the community with documentation for others to recreate the set up.

If that sounds good then come down to DOES Liverpool at 19:00 BST (7pm) on Wednesday Oct 3rd and join us! Everyone is welcome from beginners to hardened kernel developers.

VENUE DETAILS: You can find directions to DOES here and many more details on their website.

Hope to see many of you there, feel free to email dan@danlynch.org with any questions. I will get it on my phone 🙂


EDIT: For anyone asking about using this project you can find all the details here, Alex has been busy – https://github.com/DynamicDevices/makespacelive


  1. Hello Dan,

    For us non-Liverpudlians, will you be able to record this session and put it somewhere public, please? It might be something that other LUGs might find interesting and useful.

    Jan Henkins

    • Hi Jan, yes we will try to stream the session but our project is only new and nothing ever goes wrong in live demos right? Hehe. The whole thing is open and will be published for anyone to use. The code is on github and I’m actually building the website as we speak. Hopefully have it done by Wednesday but we’ll see. The bottom line for us is we want all LUGs and anyone else to be able to use and contribute to this for sure. The github page can be found here – https://github.com/DynamicDevices/makespacelive

      We’re currently working on the documentation but the project is literally about a week old. We’re moving fast and hope to have more to show very soon! Thanks for interest. If you do try it let us know how you get on 🙂


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