LivLUG May 2018 Meeting

Hello everyone, the next meeting of Liverpool Linux User Group will take place on Wednesday May 2nd at 19:00 (7pm)

It’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means it’s LivLUG time. This months meeting will be pretty casual (surprise surprise) as we don’t have a talk planned. It’s also in DOES Liverpool’s new home in the The Tapestry building, so don’t head to Gostins Building as we won’t be there any more. Since many of us haven’t been to visit the new place yet I hope it will afford us a chance to look around and have a catch up. If you have any techy queries or Linux related stuff to ask that’s welcome too of course.

The post meeting pub trip will probably be curtailed as there’s an important European Cup semi final involving Liverpool FC the same night. It’s away in Rome so shouldn’t affect travel in the city. We’ll have to scout out a decent pub or cafe near the new building anyway. So if any volunteers want to do that feel free to go exploring.

Find us at the NEW HOME of DoES Liverpool in the The Tapestry on 68-76 Kempston Street, Liverpool. It’s on the 1st floor and at the moment the shutter is down all the time while the new internal doors are sorted out. There’s a phone number to ring and someone will let you in. There’s also a button for the buzzer located under the the little box where the key goes in to operate the shutter.

Any problems just email the list or contact me directly ( I’ll keep checking the emails on my phone.

Full location details and directions can be found here –

We are friendly bunch and all are welcome regardless of technical knowledge or experience.

Hope to see you there,

Dan Lynch

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