Meeting: Wednesday 6th July

Our next meeting will be this coming Wednesday, July 6th

The talk we didn’t have last month will be happening this time. It will be given by Sebastian Arcus and is a follow up to his recent talk on DNS, although it is not necessary to have attended that talk to make sense of this one. This is Seb’s description:

*A Storm In A Teacup – The Unexpected Perils of Choosing an Internal Domain Name*

This will be a mini-presentation slash chat on the in and outs, risks, headaches and options when it comes to choosing a domain name for the internal network. What has changed from the good old days, and more importantly, what should have changed and hasn’t.

We will meet at DoES Liverpool at around 7pm. The DoES web site contains full directions to get there. You will need to sign in at the building’s reception then take the lift to the fourth floor for DoES. Afterwards, we will move on to a local hostelry, which is usually the Shipping Forecast on Slater Street, for drinks and further discussions.

LivLUG is open to all, new faces and old, old hacks and newbies. There is no expected level of technical expertise or familiarity with Linux, whether you are a seasoned sysadmin, a kernel hacker or have just tried Linux for the first time, you will be welcome.

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